Off Seasons Two

You may remember a few years back Ryan Tuerck and Drift Alliance released the pretty great short video called Off Seasons. It was a great antidote to most car videos, just great footage, screaming engines and no excess. Well now Off Seasons Two has just been released. Watch it and feel a great sense of jealousy you don’t have that road at your dispense.

A few weeks ago I posted about the utterly amazing Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and today I thought I’d show you one of Germany’s other famous museums for another of their beloved car brands. The BMW Museum in Munich.

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happy carb 500x572 Happiness Is Just A Carb Away

Found on the Motorcycles subreddit. Apparently from an XR650R if anyone wanted to know.

Chill Winston

VW trying to lose their hardworking German image?

As home to an internationally recognisable symbol of speed, status and splendour, there are few places higher on the must-see list of any car enthusiast than the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.  Whether you’re a sports car groupie or more of a back-seat driver, this exhibition showcasing German engineering and manufacturing at its best is worth a visit.

porsche museum 500x347 The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

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bendy truck 500x375 My Truck Is Driving Me Up The Wall!

Scotti’s New Beetle

Scotti has an eye for a good Aircooled VW, this is his latest, masterfully photographed by Chriz Quick. Both picture and subject are stunning. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

scotti black beetle by chriz quick photography front end 500x333 Scottis New Beetle

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nurburgring1 Are you tough enough for the Nurburgring…

With 24kms of windy bends, sharps corners and barrelling straights, the Nurburgring is still considered by most motor-sport aficionados as one of the toughest and trickiest tracks in the world. F1 legend Jackie Stewart, one of the major proponents and campaigners of motor-sport safety, once referred to the track as the ‘Green Hell’. Read the rest of this entry »

pixel Are you tough enough for the Nurburgring…

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