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Ford Fair 2011

I was going to post a few of the pictures of Speedhunter report for the recent Ford Fair at Silverstone on Tumblr but I decided their were just too many pictures that were awesome so had to do a pic dump here instead. Enjoy some sweet Fords.

arched mk1 escort 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

team gunston mk1 capri 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

slammed transit 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

sierra rs cosworth 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

sierra cosworth caltex 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

orange mk1 cortina 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

MKVI Fiesta 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

Ford Saxon 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

ford anglia 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

Fiesta 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

Fiesta on ATS Classics 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

concourse rs200 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

classic ford stand 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

beige and orange fiesta 500x333 Ford Fair 2011

I love the Abarth versions of Fiats little cars, even the new Abarth 500′s are cool and it’s not often you will catch me saying a new car is cool!

This little Abarth Berlina 750 Corsa from 1958 ticks all the right boxes for me. Lovely stuff.

1958 Abarth Berlina 750 Corsa 500x330 Tumblr Pic Of The Day

From here

No Denying It

Mike Burroughs can make a car look damn good. With Rusty dead (or going through a massive rebuild it would seem now) Burroughs needed another car to cause waves with on the internet. Well he seems to have done it and he has even managed to do it without being outrages, edgy, rusty, or anything resembling over the top car styling.

mike burroughs e9 bmw side view 500x333 No Denying Ite9 bmw interior 18 inch bbs rs 500x375 No Denying It

He found himself a decent condition 1971 BMW 2800CS and pulled out a set of BBS RS from his, I would imagine, ample wheel collection and BOOM he suddenly had a ridiculously cool car on his hands. Obviously it helps that the E9 is a stunning car to start with but this does show that Burroughs has a keen eye for cars and can show restraint in his modding style as well as his more flamboyant style of certain previous cars.

mike burroughs e9 bmw 500x333 No Denying It

Now, I wonder how much E9 Bimmer prices will rise…

mike burroughs e9 bmw rear side 500x333 No Denying It

A while back the annual gathering of the best old blue ovals happened at Santa Pod with the 2011 Classic Ford Show. I didn’t manage to get along to it this year but luckily Lee Ratcliffe did and he took some awesome photos. This is just a few of the many pictures he took, visit his Flick page for the whole set and check out Lee Ratcliffe Photography as well.

5808399096 1401959dcc Classic Ford Show 2011

5808400040 c08a30b1f4 Classic Ford Show 2011

5808400960 f41d0baf29 Classic Ford Show 2011

5807836749 60fcded5d6 Classic Ford Show 2011

5807836159 ee7db65bed Classic Ford Show 2011

5808403044 eb5bfeaf4b Classic Ford Show 2011

5807839209 dacf2eacdf Classic Ford Show 2011

5808408034 e1ece1346c Classic Ford Show 2011

5807844213 48b685d73f Classic Ford Show 2011

5807844933 6eb366a43e Classic Ford Show 2011

5807845813 132beee44f Classic Ford Show 2011

5807846111 eb14ec7fbf Classic Ford Show 2011

5807847547 ceb6278b50 Classic Ford Show 2011

5808413678 4e50c92606 Classic Ford Show 2011

5807848095 4453eb112b Classic Ford Show 2011

Audi have just unveiled their latest concept car in the shape of a fire breathing all wheel drive monster of an A1, the companies smallest car. It is always sad when a company makes an amazing car but then says it is just a concept because being able to buy this car would be amazing!

audi a1 quattro concept 500x333 500hp AWD Audi A1 Concept Car

audi a1 quattro concept 2 500x333 500hp AWD Audi A1 Concept Car

It has 500bhp and 487lb ft of torque and weighs 1390kg so can hit 100 kmh in 3.7 seconds thanks to a turbo charged 2.5 litre 5 cylinder and can get the mammoth power down thanks to the same quattro AWD system as the Audi TT RS.

audi a1 quattro concept engine 500x333 500hp AWD Audi A1 Concept Car

audi a1 quattro concept exhaust 500x333 500hp AWD Audi A1 Concept Car

I absolutely love the interior with the flocked dash, carbon door cards and pull straps for the door handles and glove box. The little details like that really make the car, check out the red rev counter!

audi a1 quattro concept interior 500x333 500hp AWD Audi A1 Concept Car

audi a1 quattro concept interior 2 500x333 500hp AWD Audi A1 Concept Car

The wheels are absolutely stunning and come in a pretty huge 19″ with 255/30 rubber on them, so to get that to fit on the normally quite small A1 they had to widen the body by 60mm each side!

audi a1 quattro concept arches 500x333 500hp AWD Audi A1 Concept Car

audi a1 quattro concept 3 500x333 500hp AWD Audi A1 Concept Car

The VAG group (Audi, VW cars and vans, Skoda, Seat and to a lesser extent Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini) have a fun past with making fully drivable concept cars, you might remember the insane W12-650 Golf they made that had 641 bhp going to the rear wheels and was test driven on Top Gear by Jeremy Clarkson. Hopefully this means we might get to see this little A1 out on a track being given a good thrashing as well!


While we are on the subjects of car ads, this is the new Mercedes advert made for the Super Bowl, generally a time when advertisers go all out. Mercedes haven’t disappointed and put in a load of old skool machinery that reminds me why older Mercs are AMAZING! I even like the new gullwing they do and for me to like a new car is pretty rare…

It also has Diddy/P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs in it, who I actually quite like after seeing him in ‘Get Him To The Greek’ he was pretty much the only funny part in the whole film.

May have to do a Merc pic dump in a bit if I have time…

vw xl1 on the road 500x333 Volkswagen XL1   The 313mpg Car

VW recently unveiled the worlds most efficient car, called the XL1, and amazingly it is a twin engined turbo’d coupe and has gullwing doors! The carbon fibre monocoque also features magnesium wheels and rear wheel covers and is actually powdered by a 20kW electric motor and a two cylinder turbodiesel.

It is VW’s way of showing how economical cars can be and boasts an incredible 300+mpg capability, a long way from their most famous of cars the Beetle and the camper vans. Apparently the one main thing it does share with the air cooled classic dubs is the sound with its little two cylinder 800cc diesel having a curiously air cooled beat to it.

vw xl1 gull wing doors 500x333 Volkswagen XL1   The 313mpg Car

It can run as a hybrid, with both motors working together to give maximum fuel efficiency, it can be run solely on electric power for up to 30 miles or it can be a diesel engine only car, although not for long as it only has a tiny 10-litre tank!

The most amazing thing about the car though is the fact it will actually be going on sale in 2013! VW have said they will be going into a limited production run and although they haven’t said a price it looks like it could be a fast seller.

vw xl1 interior 500x333 Volkswagen XL1   The 313mpg Car

For more info go to Auto Express

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Must be a right pain to keep clean…

white on white VW beetle 500x333 Tumblr Pic Of The Day

White on White Win

pixel Tumblr Pic Of The Day

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