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A 1967 Camaro is probably not most peoples first choice of car when it comes to building a autocross racer, normally autocross is more of a smaller sized cars game. However some people just don’t like to be told what they can and cannot use so instead they build themselves something absolutely ludicrous just to prove that any car can be made to do almost anything, if you really want it to.

camaro anger management front side 500x375 1967 Camaro   Anger Management

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mk2 escort v ford fiesta 500x269 Mk2 Escort Vs 2011 Ford Fiesta

“I do know that every time I get out of the Escort, I’ve got a big grin and I think that sums it all up doesn’t it”

Gwyndaf Evans – 1996 British Rally Champion

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I’ve never really taken much notice of RX7s before, too many ironing board spoilers and 5 foot wide exhausts meant I mostly ignore them and they aren’t really that common in the older forms. However this video has made me fall in love with the triangle engined little cars! Look out for the accidental 360 at 2:20 that turns into the perfect corner!

Turn your speakers up…

A Chaparral 2F at the 1967 Dayton 24 Hours. Back in the days before they whipped wheels off with air tools you needed brute force and a big ass breaker bar! Also it looks like the guy has a one man team… haha!

Chaparral 2F 67 Daytona 24 hr 500x316 Tumblr Pic Of The Day

Via the LLE Tumblr

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One of the greatest racing drivers of all time, Ayrton Senna, driving one of the best F1 cars ever, the Lotus 98T, adorned in the best livery, period, the JPS black and gold scheme. And then to make things topple over from amazing to awesomely amazing it has some huge flames kicking out the back! Taken in Brazil 1986.

Ayrton Senna JPS Lotus 98t Brazil 86 500x347 Tumblr Pic Of The Day

Via the LLE Tumblr

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Brazilian racer Emerson Fittipaldi leaving the pits at the 1972 Belgian Grand Prix in his Lotus 72D. Back when racing was racing and people had a more blasé attitude to the rules and furthermore because cigarette companies were still allowed to advertise on cars the JPS black and gold livery was still around – easily the best looking graphics on any race car ever!

Emerson Fittipaldi 1972 Belgian Grand Prix pit lane 500x504 Tumblr Pic Of The Day

Via this LLE Tumblr post

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The recent Gymkhana Grid event organised by Ken Block was split into two parts, the Gymkhana event with all the racing and a big static show organised with the help of Motormavens called Mass Appeal. I have split the pictures into two parts, this part for the racing pics and this part here for the static show. You can also watch some videos of the event here.

Well first off I guess I should say about who won the event what they were driving. Pro drifter Tanner Foust got his AWD Fiesta through every round of elimination to come up against Ken Block, who was also in a similar AWD Fiesta, in the final battle. In a show of amazing skill Foust managed to win the best-of-three sprints to take the AWD class win at the first ever Gymkhana Grid event.

Dai Yoshihara and the 240SX (S13) he used in the 2010 Formula D championships won the RWD class in a final battle against privateer John Russakoff, who drove a Honda powered AE86 Corolla. Amazingly Dai’s times were very, very close to the top AWD competitors!

Michael Essa driving a BMW v10 powered 3 series won the burnout contest killing his tyres in a huge display of smoke and silliness by bouncing off his limiter in third gear!

Sadly it would seem that Vaughn Gittin Jr’s borrowed MK2 Escort from Ken Block broke early on and so didn’t manage to be very competitive, which is a huge shame as I would have loved to see how it would have done!

Anyway on with the pictures!

gymkhana grid track layout 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Track Layout

gymkhana grid line up left 500x332 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

The Grid line up - left side

gymkhana grid line up right 500x332 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

The Grid line up - Right side

ken block doughnut 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Multiple Ken Blocks... Isn't that cheating?

Vaughn Gittin Jr mk2 escort rear 500x334 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Gittin Jr in the borrowed MK2 Escort

Vaughn Gittin Jr mk2 escort 500x313 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Long shot of the Mk2 Escort

kyle and yoshioka doughnuts 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Mirrored Doughnuts

JSP ae86 corolla 500x332 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

John Russakoffs AE86 'Rolla

dai yoshiharas s13 grinding out 500x268 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Dai's S13 kept grinding out on the slightly bumpy surface!

dai yoshihara and his s13 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

The RWD winner

crawford subaru impreza 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Crawford Impreza

cody parkhouse lexus sc430 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Cody Parkhouse in a Lexus SC430

calvin wan FD 500x327 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Calvin Wans Clean FD

ken blocks mk2 escort 500x334 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

The MK2 Escy looking moody at the end of the night

Pictures from Speedhunters, Fatlace, Fitted Life and Dai Yoshihara’s blog

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It has a number plate so obviously it is completely legal. That must feel so awesome and incredibly naughty, one of the main reasons I love my car and all its completely impractical ways is because everyone journey is a real event. This must be 10000x that feeling.

Road Racing 500x303 Tumblr Pic Of The Day

[Pic via this LLE tumblr post]

pixel Tumblr Pic Of The Day

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