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So you’re in a silly fast funny car on the dragstrip when the steering wheels comes off in your hand… Cue much frantic arm waving and some serious trouser stains! I first saw this a while back but just came across it again, I can only imagine what’s going through his head! Amazing video.

Do you have good manners on the road? This chap certainly does! Bonus Capri footage!

RIP Dan Wheldon

dan wheldon 500x333 RIP Dan Wheldon

My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Full details of the sad story can be found here.

Red Bull Goes To Texas

red bull f1 austin 6 500x333 Red Bull Goes To Texas

Remember all the pictures that got released a while back showing David Coulthard giving an F1 car a bit of a hard time around dusty Texas roads? Well this is the video that it was all for. Apart from the slightly annoying overuse of slow motion it is pretty ace seeing an F1 car being cained around on really rather inappropriate roads.

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Lucky Win

nascar crash finish 500x313 Lucky Win

This video has been doing the rounds this morning and it is possibly the luckiest win I’ve ever seen in a race. I can only imagine how confused Stenhouse Jr must have been when his car broke just before the finish line and then to suddenly feel a massive smack up his arse and still taking the win!

audi 24 hours of le mans 500x203 Audis 24 Hours Of Le Mans

Audi have released a video documentary about their part in the 2011 24 Le Mans race. The music combined with the movie trailer style narration gives it a pretty epic feel to it. It also shows the horrific crashes Allan McNish and Mike Rockenfeller had and how well the rest of the team did to overcome it and still get the win with their number two car.

It is just under 14 minutes long but it is definitely worth watching. It shows some of the emotion and hard work that the teams and drivers go through in the most famous 24 hours on the racing calender.

Watch out for the slow motion part at 11:15… Pure awesome!

shane van gisbergen australian v8 supercars 500x333 Australian V8 Supercar Celebrations

The Australian V8 supercars keep on proving themselves to be the best racing series you can watch. Not only do you get to witness absolute chaos in some races like below

But it seems they also like to have a bit of fun after the race! This is a video of Shane Van Gisbergen having a bit of a mess about after the race and he takes the big Ford for a little drifting session. Considering how little lock these cars have and the car is set up to grip as much as possible he does pretty well! It is cool to see stuff like this because in things like F1, they have so many rules and regulations that they can’t just cut loose and celebrate when they win.

The series also has a new sponsor in Etihad Airways, who no doubt want to raise awareness for their flights to and from Australia. New sponsors mean new advert videos and Etihad have a nice few minutes worth of footage that works well at showing off the racing to any people who have never seen it before. Check it out below!

For fans of bike racing and the most epic of all races the TT you might already know about this but if not, this should get you pretty excited. A new feature length called TT3D Closer To The Edge is out in cinemas April 22nd and is the first feature length 3D sports documentary and focuses on the 2010 TT race.

tt3d closer to the edge film poster TT3D Closer To The Edge Trailer

The TT is one of the best things you can watch in any motorsport so seeing it in 3D with cinema quality footage should be stunning. The trailer below also looks like it focuses heavily on Guy Martin, everyone’s favourite northern truck mechanic. If you have been watching his new BBC show ‘The Boat That Guy Built’ on the BBC you will know how funny and happy Guy is and you will have also started calling everyone ‘boss’ and ‘chief’ like me and all my mates now do because of him!

I won’t give it away but if you haven’t read anything about the 2010 TT race yet, it will make one hell of a film! Watch the official trailer below.

More tea vicar?!

pixel TT3D Closer To The Edge Trailer

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