Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The land of all things extreme and rich, Abu Dhabi has decided that it would like its own theme park. Being Abu Dhabi though, this could not be any normal theme park with a few roller coasters and some food courts, oooh no! This is the United Arab Emirates, home to man made islands and the Burj Khalifa, and they are both in Dubai, which Abu Dhabi recently just bailed out with uber amounts of money! So obviously they needed to do something pretty spectacular to make every other theme park look positively shoddy in comparison.

They are not disappointing! How does a 200,000m² under cover Ferrari themed park sound?

Apparently they want to get it ready to open before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this year so hopefully they haven’t contracted it to the same people who made the new Wembley…

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is on the 12th of November and with the F1 being as exciting as it has been this year it should be a good race so a trip to see the newly opened Ferrari World theme park and then watch the Abu Dhabi GP is high on my wishlist for this year. Flights to Abu Dhabi could probably be had quite cheap if booked early enough so who wants to come with me? You’re paying…

Just FYI those interested here is how the Driver Championship stands at the moment for the F1 (top drivers)

1 Lewis Hamilton - British – McLaren-Mercedes - 182
2 Mark Webber - Australian – RBR-Renault - 179
3 Sebastian Vettel - German – RBR-Renault - 151
4 Jenson Button - British -  McLaren-Mercedes  - 147
5 Fernando Alonso - Spanish - Ferrari - 141
6 Felipe Massa - Brazilian - Ferrari - 109
7 Robert Kubica - Polish – Renault - 104
8 Nico Rosberg - German - Mercedes GP - 102

pixel Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
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    1. I really hope Button has a bit more luck after this weeks race, he got taken out pretty brutally!

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