I Wasn’t Even On The Bike Officer!

It’s a valid excuse most of the time if you are caught speeding and you weren’t on the bike at the time, because one would assume if you weren’t on the bike then it must have been another rider borrowing (or stealing) your bike and breaking the law. However I don’t think this swiss biker can use the same excuse, sure he wasn’t on the bike but he was definitely still in the picture!

biker caught speeding while crashing 500x232 I Wasnt Even On The Bike Officer!

First off I should just say, the rider was unhurt, with his leathers and safety gear saving him from any kind of fatal accident. Now knowing the rider is fine, this means you are allowed to laugh at the quite comical situation!

The image was released by Swiss police and it shows the 38 year old rider sliding his body down the road while his bike travels beside him showering the road with sparks as it goes. The man was said to have been travelling at speed when he saw the traffic police and speed camera and as he tried to sharply slow down he lost control and ended up in the situation you see above.

Police say they are still pressing charges against the man and he is facing a fine and will lose his licence for up to 3 months. Still that is one motorbike accident that he will love telling his mates about down the pub and he even has photographic evidence of his little off!


pixel I Wasnt Even On The Bike Officer!
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