No Denying It

Mike Burroughs can make a car look damn good. With Rusty dead (or going through a massive rebuild it would seem now) Burroughs needed another car to cause waves with on the internet. Well he seems to have done it and he has even managed to do it without being outrages, edgy, rusty, or anything resembling over the top car styling.

mike burroughs e9 bmw side view 500x333 No Denying Ite9 bmw interior 18 inch bbs rs 500x375 No Denying It

He found himself a decent condition 1971 BMW 2800CS and pulled out a set of BBS RS from his, I would imagine, ample wheel collection and BOOM he suddenly had a ridiculously cool car on his hands. Obviously it helps that the E9 is a stunning car to start with but this does show that Burroughs has a keen eye for cars and can show restraint in his modding style as well as his more flamboyant style of certain previous cars.

mike burroughs e9 bmw 500x333 No Denying It

Now, I wonder how much E9 Bimmer prices will rise…

mike burroughs e9 bmw rear side 500x333 No Denying It

pixel No Denying It
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    1. They aren’t exactly cheap to start with. But you are right, Mike Burroughs knows how to make a good looking car.

      P.S. I wish I had a collection of wheel that I could just ‘pick’ a set of RS’s out of for a new car :(

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