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slo mo racing 500x223 Racing In Slow Motion

Everything looks so beautiful and poetic in slow motion and this 3 part series of short videos shows some stunning slow motion footage of various different types of racing from F1 to rallying and bikes. It is amazing how much you miss when watching it at full speed, the details you see in slow motion making for some jaw dropping scenes, check out the tyre deformation, jumps and flamage!

This is a surprisingly loving and well done short video about one man and his trusty 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL. It pretty much shows exactly why people like old cars and I just love the part where after talking about the background of the car he has a little chuckle to himself. That laugh was pure love.

The spec on the car is:

• 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL
• Factory “Z” code car, originally with a 390 cubic inch engine and factory 4-speed
• ’63 “R” code 427 engine with a big input Toploader 4-speed
• Factory cast iron long tube headers with 2″ exhaust and stock mufflers
• 427 rebuilt to stock specs in ’78 or ’79 by Leifert Automotive
• 3.91 Traction-Lok rear
• 15″ steel rims and radial tires

One more thing I really like about the video as well. The sound. My god that sound!

I found this video over on Jjizzle’s blog

’81 Yamaha XS650 Bobber

As I said yesterday I am currently obsessing over getting a bike at the moment and as much as my savings account says no my heart says yes, my body says no I’m too small, my head says I prefer small bikes anyway. I also think a bike build would be the best way I could learn all the new skills I want to as well, working on a car is a lot harder and I have the bonus of being able to fit a bike in my garage and work on it at the same time where as I can barely get out of my car once I’ve squeezed it inside.

yamaha xs650 bobber 500x386 81 Yamaha XS650 Bobber

Stories like this one of Cassio Silva make me think it is all possible as well, the 20 year old Texan saw a bobber sitting outside a tattoo shop and instantly fell in love. The same day he went home and had a look at them and how to build them and then set about it by finding a suitable XS650 to chop up.

yamaha xs650 bobber kick start 500x382 81 Yamaha XS650 Bobber

My savings account also likes him because he built the bike on a tight budget without hardly any experience and still managed to make one of the coolest bikes I’ve seen in a very long time. The hardtail is a pre made unit by a company called TC Bros but other than that everything is used stuff from various other bikes or chopped up versions of the originals. The original 16″ wheels were swapped for 18″ ones of an older bike and the rear fender is the stock front one that was cut up. The whole bike was also painted using good old trusty rattle cans.

yamaha xs650 bobber burnout 500x396 81 Yamaha XS650 Bobber

Amazingly he finished the whole build in a month but then had the problem of not knowing how to ride and so in the same week he finished the bike he took his bike licence!

yamaha xs650 bobber stranded 500x368 81 Yamaha XS650 Bobber

More pictures can be found on the photographer, Banzai’s flickr page and the original blog story linked above. Definitely check the Pipeburn blog out though it gave an awesome back story with these pictures, which is nice.


Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

I have been obsessing over bikes recently with the thought of a bit of sun and I thought what better way to do it than to collect a few of the pictures I have posted on the LLE Tumblr and put them all in a pic dump here! Click the pictures to go back to each individual post if you want to find credits or more info (where there is any).

1930 Harley Davidson Factory Race Team 500x394 Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

workin Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

sky blue harley davidson Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

sparkle grips Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

big thor drake update bike jump Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

survivor chopper pic Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

alberto venezia tie and shirt petrol tank Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

road racing Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

smiley face small tank Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

biker chick and red sled Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

Yamaha sr500 Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

Orange lamp chop Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

bike drag burnout Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

cafe racer chick Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

head down for speed Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

pabst blue ribbon bobber Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

leverless bike Tumblr Bike Pic Dump

vw racing caddy 2011 front left 500x333 Win A Day At The VW Races

Volkswagen are currently holding a competition to win a pair of tickets to the VIP Paddock Club hosted by VW Racing where you will get a chance to hang out with the team, cars (well, vans) and drivers whilst enjoying the full hospitality of Volkswagen.

vw racing caddy 2011 rear 500x375 Win A Day At The VW Races

I say vans because this is actually being run on the VW vans site and is to introduce to the world the new Caddy racing driver Simon Elliott. It will be the first chance anyone gets to see the new driver in action and also the new 2010 Caddy Van race car. With all the press the new Golf 24 Nurburgring racer VW have got recently I guess they want to show everyone there is more to their racing armoury. The little racing caddy will be powered by a tuned version of the 2 litre TDI engine that will have 260 PS and over 500 Nm of torque or in normal terms 256BHP and 369 lb ft. It also looks pretty good as well in my opinion, I can see the twin rear exhaust and wheels making there way onto road caddy’s easily.

vw racing caddy 2011 500x333 Win A Day At The VW Races

To be in with a chance to win the day out all you need to do is answer a simple question on the competition page. Hint: the answer is in the text…

vw caddy vw cup pr release 500x375 Win A Day At The VW Races

I’ll also leave you with a short clip of it in action against some other VAG material in the VW Cup.

VW Caddy Racing on Viddler

Good Times Riding

Friends, bikes, riding and hanging. Does life get any better?

Beautiful video set to a Felice Brothers song (think Bob Dylan) that just has some simple footage of a bunch of guys hanging out and riding their sweet bikes on some lush looking French roads (I think).

It is also worth checking out their blog as well because it has some real nice photography on it. God damn it makes me want to build a bike!

3 Summit meeting hysteric studios by donald van der putten 500x500 Good Times Riding

21 helmet in hand hysteric studios by donald van der putten 500x333 Good Times Riding

20 Parking chat hysteric studios by donald van der putten 500x500 Good Times Riding

13 Always the same waiting hysteric studios by donald van der putten 500x750 Good Times Riding

11 Four bikers in Lala land 500x333 Good Times Riding

7 Pines land hysteric studios by donald van der putten 500x333 Good Times Riding

5 Mechanics is all about safety kids hysteric studios by donald van der putten 500x500 Good Times Riding

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Yeah, so I’m not a big fan of calling this ‘rat’ but I just really wanted to say rat on steroids…

1973 toyota mk 2 wagon front view 500x375 1973 Toyota Mark II Wagon   Rat On Steroids

It is a 1973 Toyota Mark II Wagon with a twin-turbo 1JZ-GTE engine in it from a ’92 JDM spec Supra, that has been fully kitted out with ARP head studs, HKS gaskets, intercooler, boost controller, RX7 oil cooler and a Supra R154 5 speed gearbox. It is running a pretty nifty 350bhp at 6500RPM.

1973 toyota mk 2 wagon 1jz engine 500x375 1973 Toyota Mark II Wagon   Rat On Steroids

It has also been dumped on the floor using a very slick air bag set up that incorporates a whole MA60 Supra independent rear end that works of 8 solenoids and has 6 independent switches so it can go up, down, left, right and all over the place!

1973 toyota mk 2 wagon ffront side view 500x375 1973 Toyota Mark II Wagon   Rat On Steroids

Outside it has some nice old skool touches like the fender mirrors and yellow inner headlights but the paintwork is a lovely combinations of sun bleach, rust and original paint. The 15″ Enkei 92 mesh rims set it all off perfectly and look sweet sat so far in the arches.

1973 toyota mk 2 wagon rear view 500x375 1973 Toyota Mark II Wagon   Rat On Steroids

1973 toyota mk 2 wagon fender mirror and bleached paint 500x375 1973 Toyota Mark II Wagon   Rat On Steroids

1973 toyota mk 2 wagon enkei mesh rims 500x666 1973 Toyota Mark II Wagon   Rat On Steroids

While we are on the subjects of car ads, this is the new Mercedes advert made for the Super Bowl, generally a time when advertisers go all out. Mercedes haven’t disappointed and put in a load of old skool machinery that reminds me why older Mercs are AMAZING! I even like the new gullwing they do and for me to like a new car is pretty rare…

It also has Diddy/P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combs in it, who I actually quite like after seeing him in ‘Get Him To The Greek’ he was pretty much the only funny part in the whole film.

May have to do a Merc pic dump in a bit if I have time…

pixel Mercedes Benz Retrotastic Advert

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