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A Mustang a bit crossed up going into a corner at the Carrerra Panamericana. I’m not sure if he’s cutting the corner a lot here or is skidding from trying to stop to hard but it probably wasn’t the fastest way to get around the corner!

mustang la carrerra panamericana 500x333 Tumblr Pic Of The Day

Picture via the LLE Tumblr

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Dubai 24 Hours

Speedhunters have recently put up a few posts talking about their recent venture out with the NFS track team to participate in the Dubai 24 hours and some of the photography is so amazingly stunning it is impossible not to share it.

The Dubai 24 hour is a relatively new event held at the Dubai Autodrome and started in 2006 and is for both sports and touring cars. The race is open to professional and semi-pro teams and isn’t an invitation event like Le Mans so this means you could get some real wildcard entries competing.

This year the Need for Speed team won the event in their BMW Z4 GT3. The past winners have been two other BMW’s in 2006 (M3 CSL) and 2007 (Z4 Coupe) and three Porsche 997′s in ’08, ’09 and ’10.

The race is held every year in the middle of January (this year 12-13-14th) so this might be a good time to go and book your holiday for next year now, Etihad do flights from London to Dubai and they also sponsor the Formula 1 so they love racing and might be able to do a deal or sort something out. The official race site also has a travel section that will show the best way to see the event.

This is now on my list of must see events, my list is rather long now though…

Anyway enough of my yabbering you just want to see pictures don’t you?

dubai bmw z4 city background 500x374 Dubai 24 Hours

mercedes sls 24 hr dubai 500x312 Dubai 24 Hours

lotus 2 11 dubai 24 hours 500x333 Dubai 24 Hours

dubai 24 hrs night racing 500x374 Dubai 24 Hours

bmw z4 coupe dubai 24 hr 500x374 Dubai 24 Hours

BMW Need for speed car dirt 500x333 Dubai 24 Hours

dubai background 24 hour race 500x374 Dubai 24 Hours

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So as well as the pictures of the racing and the pictures of the Mass Appeal show at the Gymkhana Grid Invitational, I can’t really leave out the videos!

First up is the final battle between Ken Block and Tanner Foust for the AWD final competition. You can’t deny Foust the win after watching his inch perfect driving skills! Skip to about 1:14 to ignore the random DC advert bit.

Next up is the RWD class final between Dai Yoshihara in his S13 and John Russakoff in his AE86 Corolla. Good to see two relatively old cars (S13′s are kinda retro now right?) in the finals! The sound of these two cars is about 100x better than the Fiesta’s in the above video. It’s a shame Russakoff had a few troubles because he was doing really well but Dai’s driving was spot on for a well deserved win.

My favourite video is the Matt Powers vs Alex Pfeiffer RWD battle. Matt Powers took the win in his S14 with some nice driving but its Pfeiffers ridiculous smoke trails from the rear tyres of his big Lexus that last from the beginning to the end of the race that makes it brilliant to watch. The commentator has it right when he says Pfeiffer is driving a tugboat!

Burnouts are very silly but very fun and this is Michael Essa killing some tyres in a very dramatic fashion for the burnout competition win. Not good for climate change but very good for the laughter!

Talking of climate change, Kevin Abbring came all the way from Holland in his Bio-methanol powered Datsun 350Z. Although I think all his good environmental efforts are voided by the amount of burnt rubber he laid down around his whole team!

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The recent Gymkhana Grid event organised by Ken Block was split into two parts, the Gymkhana event with all the racing and a big static show organised with the help of Motormavens called Mass Appeal. I have split the pictures into two parts, this part for the racing pics and this part here for the static show. You can also watch some videos of the event here.

Well first off I guess I should say about who won the event what they were driving. Pro drifter Tanner Foust got his AWD Fiesta through every round of elimination to come up against Ken Block, who was also in a similar AWD Fiesta, in the final battle. In a show of amazing skill Foust managed to win the best-of-three sprints to take the AWD class win at the first ever Gymkhana Grid event.

Dai Yoshihara and the 240SX (S13) he used in the 2010 Formula D championships won the RWD class in a final battle against privateer John Russakoff, who drove a Honda powered AE86 Corolla. Amazingly Dai’s times were very, very close to the top AWD competitors!

Michael Essa driving a BMW v10 powered 3 series won the burnout contest killing his tyres in a huge display of smoke and silliness by bouncing off his limiter in third gear!

Sadly it would seem that Vaughn Gittin Jr’s borrowed MK2 Escort from Ken Block broke early on and so didn’t manage to be very competitive, which is a huge shame as I would have loved to see how it would have done!

Anyway on with the pictures!

gymkhana grid track layout 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Track Layout

gymkhana grid line up left 500x332 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

The Grid line up - left side

gymkhana grid line up right 500x332 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

The Grid line up - Right side

ken block doughnut 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Multiple Ken Blocks... Isn't that cheating?

Vaughn Gittin Jr mk2 escort rear 500x334 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Gittin Jr in the borrowed MK2 Escort

Vaughn Gittin Jr mk2 escort 500x313 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Long shot of the Mk2 Escort

kyle and yoshioka doughnuts 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Mirrored Doughnuts

JSP ae86 corolla 500x332 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

John Russakoffs AE86 'Rolla

dai yoshiharas s13 grinding out 500x268 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Dai's S13 kept grinding out on the slightly bumpy surface!

dai yoshihara and his s13 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

The RWD winner

crawford subaru impreza 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Crawford Impreza

cody parkhouse lexus sc430 500x333 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Cody Parkhouse in a Lexus SC430

calvin wan FD 500x327 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

Calvin Wans Clean FD

ken blocks mk2 escort 500x334 Gymkhana Grid Pictures   Racing

The MK2 Escy looking moody at the end of the night

Pictures from Speedhunters, Fatlace, Fitted Life and Dai Yoshihara’s blog

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Every Second Counts

Every now and again you see a video and it gives you such a different view compared to the thousands you have seen before that it really makes an impact. This five minute video that cuts together loads of retro and classic racing clips with voice overs from some very famous people in motorsport, shows the emotion and intensity that people give to racing and left me wishing this was a trailer for a full documentary film.

Some of the voice overs include Ayrton Senna, Ari Vatanen, Martin Brundle and Jackie Stewart. Definitely worth five minutes of your life.

pixel Every Second Counts

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