VW Splitty Trailer

I have seen pictures of this VW splitscreen camper van trailer before but now thanks to the brilliant Build Threads site I have now seen just how much work they did to make such a cool little trailer!

vw splitty trailer 500x375 VW Splitty Trailer

It started off as two completely gone VW vans with the front cab cut out of one and the rear cut out of another. The front section was actually taken from a pick up cab and then a normal splitty van rear was grafted onto the back of it to give the illusion of a complete van until you see it from the side and see that it has no middle!

vw splitty pick up cab 500x375 VW Splitty Trailer

vw splitty rear rotten 500x375 VW Splitty Trailer

splitty cab welding 500x375 VW Splitty Trailer

With the basic shell now put together the mad Scandinavians that built it decided they were going to make a new chassis and design it with airbags in mind. A few bits of box section later and they have a pretty beefy looking chassis that wouldn’t look out of place on a race car!

vw splitty trailer chassis and airbags 500x375 VW Splitty Trailer

Time to weld a floor in and some inner tubs for the huge American Racing wheels and have a look at how it sits. Obviously getting the whole frame on the floor is to help it stay upright when parked and not just because it looks awesome…

vw splitty trailer floor in 500x375 VW Splitty Trailer

vw trailer floor in 500x375 VW Splitty Trailer

Then its off for paint in the same colour scheme as the Splitty that it will be attached to and then its job done. One perfect trailer!

splitty trailer in for paint VW Splitty Trailer

camper van and matching trailer 500x375 VW Splitty Trailer

camper van and matching trailer at a show 500x332 VW Splitty Trailer

Next time I’m browsing the local vans for sale sections and I see something that looks absolutely rotten, I’m going to think back to this trailer and try to imagine what else I could make from it. The use of old car bits for anything even if it is not an actual car or van is still way better than them just disappearing altogether!

The original build thread in Swedish is here

pixel VW Splitty Trailer
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    1. In two words: Way Cool!!

    2. I admire what you have created here, I love to chop them up and reassemble as something different, good work guy’s, would you have another vw truck cab? for sale

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